How to Get My Home Decor Style

Over the last few years of owning my home, I have crafted my home from being a broke 23 year old trying to decorate with a budget of $0, to finally being able to invest more into intentional decor pieces. I’m still all about that budget life, but it’s enjoyable to be able buy things instead of just piecing together hand-me-downs.

I’ve finally been able to create my own personal style in my home, and wanted to share my top tips for creating a stylish space.

How to Get My Home Decor Style | Style & the SuburbsLiving room: 

I’m lucky to have a large and light filled living room, but I’ve tried to maximize what I love about this space. I’ve shared before that I love using white sheer window panels to let the light filter in. Yes my entire neighborhood can probably see what I’m doing in my house all the time, but all I really do is eat and sleep.

I’ve tried to keep the open concept of the living room by arranging all of the furniture along walls to keep the room open. I originally had a loveseat to go with the couch and positioned it to cut the room in half and hated it, so I returned it and got a chair instead.

The blue-gray walls bring out the color in the wood floors. My house actually didn’t originally have wood floors, and we added them in a few years ago! I keep most of the decor grounded in neutral, so that I can change out the looks through decor pieces like wreaths, throw blankets, and pillows.

I like to change out my table settings with a combination of vintage and new pieces. I can’t wait for summer so I can add fresh flowers from my yard again! I’m still hoping to scrape the popcorn texture off the ceiling because I hate it so much! This is the only room I have left!


I just restyled my bedroom with bedding from the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia collection that I worked on. I was never much of a black and white decor person, but its a fun change from my usual all white bedding.

As you can tell, I use the same white sheers in all of the rooms in my house to let in all of the natural light. Just like in the living room, I like to ground a lot of my decor in white and then add in accent colors that can be changed out.

All of the rooms in my house are painted in a similar tone of pastel color. This allows each room to look and feel different, but the similarity in tone and intensity keeps it from looking disconnected. The key is to pick a paint color with a pastel white base, which allows the colors to stay white and bright.

When I first bought my house, a lot of my furniture and decor was vintage pieces that I inherited from my grandma. As I’ve been able to buy more new things, I try to keep my favorite vintage pieces around. These are pieces that no one else has, and makes a room special to you.

How to Get My Home Decor Style | Style & the SuburbsHow to Get My Home Decor Style | Style & the Suburbs


After remodeling my kitchen, I finally feel like it fits the rest of my house. I really tried to preserve the vintage midcentury charm of the kitchen, but the brighter counters, backsplash, and floors make it feel updated and more connected with the rest of the house.

I again ground a lot of the decor and furniture in white. It was especially important in this room with the wood cupboards and mint green walls. I almost returned my hot pink rug because I didn’t know if it fit the “look” or the kitchen. But, the rug fits my personal style and its my kitchen. Like the vintage pieces, it’s important to add touches that are unique to you, instead of making a room look exactly like someone else’s.

How to Get My Home Decor Style | Style & the SuburbsHow to Get My Home Decor Style | Style & the Suburbs

I’m always changing and evolving my decor, but I try to stay grounded in key ideas to make it feel connected, clean, and styled.

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