Tips and Tricks from a Poshmark Ambassador

A while back, I wrote a post about tips and tricks for selling clothes on Poshmark, but the site has changed so much in the last year, that I thought it was time for an update! I recently became a *poshmark ambassador*, which is just the status you get if you are a frequent user of the site. By becoming an ambassador, I learned even more tips for selling your listings and making the most from your closet!

One of the biggest changes to Poshmark is that there is now a private discount feature. Instead of dropping the price on the listing, you can send a “private” offer to those who have liked your listing. The private offers have to be 10%, 20%, and 30%, and must include a shipping discount that comes out of your profit.

The benefit to this feature is that you can offer discounts without actually lowering the price of a listing. The downside is that when you publicly lower a listing price by 10%, it also sends a notification, and you don’t have to include a shipping discount. Either way, the likers only get notification if you have lowered the price more than you have previously offered, so the private offers really aren’t all that different than just lowering the price.

It does seem that with the new private offer feature, people expect more discounts and deals than before. I’m selling a lot less at listed price and getting less interest than before with only 10% discounts. I’ve been pricing my listings a little higher than I used to, knowing that I will be discounting 20% or more to sell them. I personally don’t like doing this, because I would rather just list the price at what I want to sell it at, but you don’t seem to get the same interest if you aren’t discounting the item.

The other tip I realized after becoming an ambassador is the benefit of sharing other people’s listings. I never understood this before, since I was just interested in selling my own stuff! But, after sharing other listings to gain the ambassador status, I saw a huge increase in other people sharing my closet and following me. Instead of only getting exposure from brand pages, my closet gets a lot of exposure from other people by sharing theirs.

I’ve also recently tried to improve my listings to minimize comments and questions. I always include a clear statement about the condition with statements like:

  • New with tags (for anything brand new)
  • Like new, worn X amount of times (be honest!)
  • Good used condition (if something has been worn more than a few times but doesn’t have flaws)
  • Used condition (if there are signs of general wear, listing and including photos of any tears/stains/pilling)

I also try to be really clear about how things fit. I’ve had a few purchases where the item was the size that was listed, but either ran really small or really big and it’s kind of a bummer when the seller doesn’t mention it. The seller is only required to list the size something actually is, but I feel like it’s only fair to the buyers to comment on the fit of an item, if they know it’s off. I try to include a photo of the garment on me or a stock image on a model from the retailer, and note if something is true to size, runs big or small, or has a tight fit, drapey fit, oversized fit, etc. It’s also helpful to list the inseam of pants in the listing, since you will probably get asked about it!

As I shared in my original post, try to take really clear photos in natural light of the front, back, size tag, and any details of the item. Buyers want to be able to see the entire garment, even if its new, to make sure they know exactly what they are getting!

My biggest tip is still just to be engaged. List a variety of items, take the time to make quality listings, reply to comments and questions, and participate in the community by sharing listings, as well as by offering discounts on your own.

If you haven’t tried poshmark, you can use code THEMISSJENN when you set up an account to get $5 off your first order. Its free to list items, the buyers pay shipping, and poshmark just takes a fee when you sell something! It’s a great way to get rid of extra clutter, and to make a little cash for it!


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