Blogger Office Mini Makeover

I started this post with the intention of a Marie Kondo-inspired organization overhaul, but I realized that my house is already pretty organized (SORRY!). My organization kick did inspire me to clean up my home office, get rid of some clutter, and give it a refreshed look.

I completely redid my spare bedroom last year and made it a functional guest bedroom, office, and overflow closet. I sell a lot of clothes on Poshmark, so I have all of my listings stored in the closet in this room. It’s also handy to have a guest bed set up for when I have house guests. Over the last year, the room sort of became a catch all for storage during my kitchen remodel and leftover things that I didn’t have a place for in my house. I had an open weekend last month, and decided cleaning up the space would be a good winter-day activity.

I started by getting all of the storage bins and boxes out of the room, and removing the existing rugs to clean the floors. I like to keep rugs under the furniture in the room since I just had the floors re-done, but I also hate when they take up too much of the space in the room. I switched out the rug and tried it in a vertical position under my desk so it created a separate little desk space.


I also went with more of a black and white and green palette for the room decor. I had a lot of pink in the room before, but I was ready for a change! I also got rid of an extra chair that was sort of just taking up space.

Blogger Office Mini Makeover | Style & the Suburbs4

Blogger Office Mini Makeover | Style & the Suburbs

I love how clean and neatly organized everything is now! I used decor that I already had, so I didn’t have to spend any money on the makeover. Perhaps it’s time to do an overhaul like this in every room!

Blogger Office Mini Makeover | Style & the Suburbs

3 thoughts on “Blogger Office Mini Makeover

  1. Your blogger office looks amazing!!! I love your desk layout. I am obsessed with tidying like Marie Kondo at the moment. Great post ❤

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