Debunking Pinterest Home Style Myths

Pinterest is full of amazing home inspo, but it can also be full of style “rules” that people think they have to follow in their own space. The truth is, each space is unique and there is not set of rules that applies to everyone’s space or personal style.

Keep reading to see some of the biggest myths debunked, and what you should really think of when decorating your space.

Myth: Always hang curtains at the very top of the wall to create height to your room.

Image via Pinterest

Truth: Although this does work to create visual height, it also can look really odd if the window rod ends up floating in the middle of the wall above the window, especially if you don’t have the panels hemmed to perfectly hit the floor.

Instead: Try using white panels that will let more light into the space to open the room up more.

Image via Pinterest

Myth: You can never use a small rug in a large space.

Image via Buzzfeed

Truth: Although large rugs visually fill a room, you don’t always have to go XXL to style a room.

Instead: Try rugs with bold prints and colors to visually fill a room. Longer runners can also create length to a space.

Image via Apartment Therapy

Myth: Create a gallery wall to fill a wall and display family photos.

Image via North Country Nest

Truth: Gallery walls can look really cluttered and lose the focal point of the room. Also, they are really difficult to hang, and leave your wall full of holes.

Instead: Try large scale prints of your favorite photos to display them in a modern way. I love the styling of these photos by Narrative Decor because the two photos play off each other and read as one piece.

Image via Narrative Decor

Myth: Toss pillows must be methodically ordered and placed.

Image via Pinterest

Truth: Pillows don’t have to be a symmetrical equation. They are the element that adds color and personality to your space, so don’t be afraid to toss it up!

Instead: Play around with colors, textures, and scale. If you’re worried about looking cohesive, stick to one color family for consistency.

Image via My Domaine

The best decorating tip is to create a space that is inviting and comforting to you. Don’t feel like you have to follow design “rules” just because someone else decided it should be a rule.


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