6 Style Tips to Look like Fashion Pro

If you feel like you’re one of those people who will never be “stylish”, there is hope! A lot of times it’s not the clothes that you have, but the unique way that you wear them that makes your stylish look. Here are 6 tips to pulling together an outfit that will make you feel like a style pro.

  1. If you struggle with style, stick to the basics. Dark skinny jeans, button up blouses, simple cozy sweaters, and classic cut dresses won’t go out of style, and are the easiest way to look polished every day. Start with basics and add pops through statement shoes, jewelry, or a bold lip color.
Image via Badlands Journal

2. Don’t worry about the size number on the tag. Each retailer has their own size system and your body shape and size is what it is. Wearing a size too small to be happy about the size number is going to make you look squeezed in and bigger in the end! You can also play with proportions– maybe you buy a larger size top for a loose fit and balance it out with skinny ponte pants. Or maybe you rock a looser boyfriend jean with a fitted tee.

3. Invest in good shoes. Well made shoes are more comfortable to walk in and will last for years, instead of a season. We’ve all seen (or been) the girl in a super cute outfit that is hobbling like a baby giraffe in a pair of heels. Heels shouldn’t pinch your feet or make you feel uncomfortable when you walk. Seek out real leather shoes that feel good on your feet and use leather polish to take care of them.

4. Pay attention to pant hem length. Make sure your pant hems work with your shoes. You don’t want the hem pressing against the shoe or oddly tucked into a boot. It’s easy enough to give your pants a cuff to make them work with your shoe choice. The key is to make the roll look intentional and not cuffed more than once, otherwise it looks like your pants just don’t fit!

Image via Stitch Fix

5. Cuff and tuck like a pro. You can easily take an outfit from plain to polished by a simple sleeve roll, or shirt tuck. Try cuffing your sleeves with the J Crew roll for a casual yet intentional look, or try different ways of tucking or half tucking your shirt to accentuate your waist.

Image via Who What Wear

6. Don’t be afraid of a pattern mix. Mixing patterns can make you look like a style pro. Opt for a more simple pattern (like a dot or stripe) with a contrasting pattern (like a floral). If you’re still not confident about mixing, try to stick in the same color family in the patterns like the look below!

Image via West Coast Capri

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