Tour My Spring Decor Refresh

It’s always so refreshing to take down all of the holiday decor clutter and start with fresh decor. This year, my christmas tree was so dead that I had to take it down the day after Christmas and decided to pack up all of the holiday decorations along with it. It was nice to take the time to neatly put away everything (and even label the boxes!).

Since it’s still winter in Minnesota, I felt like I couldn’t come out with full-fledge spring decor. I stuck to more of a minimalist look grounded in white with a few hints of spring.

Tour My Spring Decor | Style & the Suburbs

I struggled with what wreath to put above my mantle since every wreath is either really winter or really floral. I chose one that was mostly green with a hint of yellow florals. I’m loving the cool blue vibe of my vases, so I added a coordinating throw blanket. Compared to all the christmas clutter it feels so clean and naked!

Tour My Spring Decor | Style & the Suburbs1

For the table, I went with a black and white look. Eventually I’ll add a little pop of color in the vase but it goes well with the rest of the living room.

Tour My Spring Decor | Style & the Suburbs6

The kitchen mostly stayed as-is, other than taking down the Christmas greenery and swapping out the wreath to a pretty yellow one! If you’re wondering, I buy all of my wreaths at Target and usually try to get them on sale or clearance since they’re sometimes a little pricey!

Tour My Spring Decor | Style & the Suburbs2405CF89-F6FD-4144-A4B8-6B8761F43250

When do you take down your holiday decor? Or are you one of those people who has your lights up until Valentine’s Day? 🙂

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