2018: A Year in Review

2018 was a year of pushing outside of my comfort zone to chase my goals. This year I tried out to be an NFL cheerleader, and although I did not make the team, and got a few jabs on Twitter for it, I learned, I grew, I was brave, and I am glad I tried. After not meeting my first goal, I refocused my energy on my running goals, and I crushed it! I set personal records on every distance— from the mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, and the marathon! Setting records gets harder and harder as you get faster, and I worked so hard for each of these. In 2018 I ran 1,275 miles and clocked 166 cross training workouts! 


I tend to think of 2019 goals in terms of running numbers but there is more to life than that! I have some specific goals to get faster, but I after having a pretty miserable marathon experience this year, I want to be able to run a marathon healthy and happy. 

I also want to get better about my finances and save more money. After paying off my house last year, I haven’t been as disciplined and smart with my money. Specifically, I want to limit buying lunch and Starbucks to once a week, and I want to wait 24 hours before buying clothes or home decor pieces to make sure its not just an impulse. 

I also want to continue to grow my blog and continue posting good content for you all! If there’s anything you would love to hear more about, I’d love for you to comment below! 

What are your 2019 goals? 

2 thoughts on “2018: A Year in Review

  1. One of your goals should be to find a boyfriend. In your late 20’s and still don’t have a boyfriend. – Grinch

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