6 Pretty Ways to Wrap Presents This Holiday Season

Tis the season to wrap all of the special gifts you’ve purchased for your friends and family. I believe that the gift wrap is almost as important as the gift to make it feel special and given with love. Here are some new and clever ways to make your presents look extra pretty and feel extra special this year!

  1. Monochromatic. It looks even cooler in this neutral color palette!
Image via The Merry Thought

2. Tied with twine and candy. Because who doesn’t love an extra treat!

Image via Pinterest

3. Graffiti-style painted bows. I think this looks so cool that I want to try it this year.

Image via Pinterest

4. Pretty poms. This idea could work any time of the year and would be so cute for a kid’s present!

Image via @HonestlyWTF instagram

5. Decked with ornaments. Target has so many cute, inexpensive ornaments that would look adorable as gift toppers.

Image via The Odyssey Online

6. Tied with beautiful naturals. I especially love the paint splatter snow. You could do this with natural finds or even with great faux stems from a craft store.

Image via Trendenser

I realize most of these are wrapped with craft paper, which I love as an inexpensive (and recyclable) paper option. But, if you’re into more traditional paper, a lot of these ideas would work with that too.

Happy wrapping!




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