Winter Treescape Mantle

Instead of moving straight into my christmas decor this year, I decided to first decorate for “winter”. I spotted some inexpensive bottle brush trees in the dollar section of Target and loved how colorful they were. Since my holiday decor is more traditional, I thought these could be a fun way to decorate “pre-holiday” before bringing out the stockings and santas!

Winter Treescape Mantle | Style & the Suburbs


I mixed the colorful bottle brush trees with some other decorative trees that I already had to make a little forest scene, and finished it off with a berry wreath and ceramic houses. I played around with a few garlands but just felt like it was too busy to add another layer.

Winter Treescape Mantle | Style & the SuburbsWinter Treescape Mantle | Style & the Suburbs

I completed the fireplace with a few transitional stems and a pile of holiday throws. I’ll probably do my full Christmas decor after Thanksgiving when I get my tree, but this is a fun look until then!

*Bonus points if you caught my #bloggerfail where I left LED candles sitting on the mantle when I took my photos. We can’t be perfect all the time can we–LOL!

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