Kitchen Remodel: Quartz Countertop Installation

After months of waiting, my quartz countertops are finally installed! I figured after not hearing from the company for weeks they would call and want to install them right away, and that was exactly what happened..


We only had a weekend to remove the old counters and backsplash. It wasn’t too hard to remove, but we wanted to be cautious not to damage the cupboards. We found that hammering the old counters upward was starting to pull up the support rails on the cupboards, so we ended up using a small floor jack that smoothly lifted the old counters.

The backsplash also came off easier than expected. The glue that held it was probably from 1950, so it was pretty brittle! The frame of my kitchen window was actually nailed over the backsplash, so instead of removing the frame, we cut the backsplash around it.

8New Countertop Installation | Style & the Suburbs

We also took the time to start building the frame for the new set of drawers because it was easier to fit into the existing cabinets while there was no countertop. We were able to perfectly fit a new piece of birch onto the face and can now work downward from there.

When the installers arrived, the first thing they did was build up the base of the cupboards 1″ higher with rails of wood. As I shared before, I went with the thicker looking bullnose option for my counters, although only the front part and side edges are actually thicker.


Next up was installing the counters. It took a little bit of finessing to get them to fit against the existing mouldings but once they were done, it fit perfect. There had to be a seam along the longer section and they were able to hide it pretty well.

Installing New Counters | Style & the Suburbs

The counters look so bright and shiny and are exactly what I wanted! I love how the bullnose edge gives the illusion that they are really thick, and the curved style lines go with my retro inspired kitchen.

Installing New Counters | Style & the Suburbs2

I went with a drop in granite composite sink and I’m so happy with how it looks. I personally feel like undermount sinks look unfinished and I’m really happy with my decision to go with the overmount granite. The granite is supposed to be really strong and doesn’t rust or make clanging noises like stainless steel. I also chose matte black drains for the sink that also look really polished.

Installing New Counters | Style & the Suburbs

Next up is the subway tile backsplash, which we are installing ourselves. I’m also hoping to start painting the kitchen a lighter and brighter shade of green. After that, we will continue to work on building the new drawer bank and refinishing the cupboards. I’m thinking the final step will be ripping up the multiple layers of linoleum flooring and tiling in a soft white tile.

I can’t wait to have it all start coming together!

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