What I’m Loving: November

How is it already November! I’m not sure about y’all but this year has flown by for me. I feel like I was just posting my new years resolutions (which I should probably check in on..). November is an extra special month for me, because it’s the month of my birthday! This month, I thought I’d share more about who I am for my “what I’m loving” post.

Image via Pinterest

As you’ve probably noticed, I spend a lot of my free time running. I wasn’t always a runner though. A few years ago, I couldn’t even make it around the block, let alone run a 5k. Running has transformed my body and my self confidence, and some of my proudest accomplishments have been reaching my running goals.

When you get involved in the running community, it’s sometimes hard to not feel like you have to live and breathe running every moment of your life. This year, I’m proud that I evolved my self identity as a “runner” to someone who runs as a hobby. Although I’m very proud of my running, I have a lot more about me than running numbers.

Image via @Leese__ Instagram

I bought a house by myself when I was 23. Owning a home on your own is a huge undertaking, and sometimes I don’t think that people my age understand the amount of time and work it takes to maintain a yard and upkeep a house! A large part of my weekends are spent making my place look nice (or doing DIY projects), but I’m so proud of my house and it is always a labor of love.

Image via And All Shall Be Well

Something I don’t talk a lot about on here is my day job. I work in product design and development at Target HQ on home decor. One of my recent projects was the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection where I developed the textile items and was especially proud of my real leather tote bag collection! I recently moved to a new product category and still don’t really know what I’m doing but I’m always excited to learn new things.

Image via Target

I got into the product design field after going to college for fashion design. I attended the University of Minnesota. One of my long term goals is to develop my own fashion line, which I dabbled in while in school!

Image via the Star Tribune

Although I’m not turning 23, this is just about the dreamiest cake I have ever seen! I’ll be secretly wishing for it this month.

Image via Pinterest

Happy rest of November y’all!


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