Finding New Kitchen Hardware

A few weeks ago, I shared that I was looking for new hardware for my kitchen cupboards. Because we are adding 4 new drawers to fill the hole where the dishwasher was, I either had to find matching hardware or replace all of the hardware so it would match.

I thought it would be nice to refresh all of the hardware with a more modern look, and ended up purchasing simple bar pulls. I realized once they arrived that this design would not work in my kitchen because of where the existing holes were placed. The overhang of the pull stuck out over the edge of the doors. Total design fail! I wasn’t too heartbroken, because I felt like they didn’t quite fit the kitchen anyways.

Finding New Kitchen Hardware | Style & the Suburbs

So, I was back on the hunt for new pulls. It is actually harder than I thought to find ones that I like. Most pulls are either really industrial looking or too decorative for my midcentury kitchen. I also wanted to keep with a chrome or at least a silver to match the existing door knobs and hinges. Some pulls are also not cheap, and I needed 41 for my kitchen, so it adds up fast!

I found a pretty, inexpensive spoon pull that was not too decorative hoping that would work better. I again was not happy with the look. They were too dressy for my kitchen and the brushed nickel looked off.

While I was at the hardware store, I picked up a more industrial chrome pull to see how that would look and felt like it looked too bathroom. I felt like I had exhausted all of my resources for pulls and still hated everything! I even had my friend Renee searching the Seattle area to see if she could find anything different there!!

Finding New Kitchen Hardware

Something that I had pinned a lot to my remodel pinterest board was a cup pull, but I decided against it early on because I thought it looked too trendy and farmhouse for my kitchen and I wanted this remodel to be timeless, not trendy. I decided to revisit the idea, but thought I could try just using the cup pulls on drawers and then keeping the existing hardware for the doors. I found pretty chrome pulls that matched the existing metal and when they arrived, they were perfect!

Image via Home Depot

Finding New Kitchen Hardware | Style & the Suburbs

I feel like they don’t feel farmhouse at all, and allow me to have all of the drawers match. I considered if I should buy more to do them on the doors too, but I feel like they are more suitable for a drawer, and actually look great in combination with the existing vintage pulls. I can’t wait to start refinishing the wood and install the new hardware!

Still patiently waiting on the home depot to come install the counters I ordered…


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