Blue Apron Meal Service Review

I was recently chatting with a friend about how difficult it is to grocery shop and cook for one person without being wasteful. I get sick of eating the same thing, so I usually keep meals simple, like salads or single servings of vegetables. My friend suggested trying Blue Apron, a meal delivery service and was able to send me a free trial offer.

I was really impressed with the trial offer– they sent me 2 free meals that I got to choose from a list of options. One tricky part was that I am a vegetarian, and although there were 2 vegetarian options, I didn’t have any other options to choose from. My options for the week were Cheese Quesadillas and Sicilian Style Orecchiette. I try to be as healthy as possible with my meals, so I wasn’t totally thrilled with Cheese Quesadillas, but hey it was free so I can’t complain!

The meals arrived about a week after I ordered them. I was wondering how they would ship fresh food, but it came in an insulated bag packed with ice. Luckily I was home from work that day because it was 100 degrees out, and I’m not sure it would’ve stayed fresh if I was at work all day. The first thing that I noticed was how much packaging the food came in. I don’t know why this surprised me, but it felt a little wasteful that every single ingredient was wrapped in plastic.

Blue Apron Meal Service Review | Style & the Suburbs

Blue Apron Meal Service Review | Style & the Suburbs

I had house guests in town for the weekend and I decided to turn the quesadillas into breakfast quesadillas with eggs (because a little protein is nice right!). The instructions were pretty straight forward, and it was nice having the right serving of each ingredient. We probably should have read through them first before starting, because it felt a little chaotic at times (it might be because we also had a 3rd grader helping us!).

Everything went well other than the fact that we burned the quesadillas. But I think that is on us for not paying attention. They were still good and it made for good leftovers later that day!

Blue Apron Meal Service Review | Style & the Suburbs
LOL oops.


I made the second meal for lunches during the week. It again got a little chaotic — maybe I’m just bad at cooking (I am bad at cooking). The orecchiette was delicious and I didn’t burn anything this time.

Blue Apron Meal Service Review | Style & the Suburbs32

I enjoyed the food, but I have to say that I didn’t enjoy the process. I don’t really like cooking and it was pretty stressful for me. For what a subscription would cost, I feel like I could find my own recipes and buy all the same ingredients and more. I also didn’t love that you had to make the food within a few days of it arriving so everything was fresh, and the meals weren’t as healthy as I would prefer for myself.

I do think it’s a fun activity for a date night, if you have house guests, or to send as a gift to someone. It was a memorable activity!

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