Garage Door Refresh

As I was doing my yearly cleaning of the siding on my house, I noticed that my garage door was starting to look really dingy, even after I cleaned it, and I knew it was time for a refresh!

After cleaning, I wiped it down with a liquid sanding solution and let that dry, and then refreshed with white paint. It took 2 heavy coats of paint to get even coverage across the texture of the garage door, and I made a lot of effort to do a neat job around the seals on the edges, so it ended up being a much bigger project than I had anticipated!

Something I have also always wanted to do was to add carriage door handles to my garage door. I see them all over pinterest and think that they look so cute and thought it should be an inexpensive upgrade. They make ones that are just magnets so you don’t have to damage your garage door (obviously they’re not actually functional).

Image via Pinterest

I checked my local home improvement store and was bummed to see the only option was $35, so I searched them on amazon in the store and found them for $14! The ones that I ordered can be found here!

The quality of the handles aren’t great, but they’re as nice as they probably need to be for fake handles. I’m a little worried about them fading since my door gets direct sunlight, but it would be easy enough to spraypaint them if needed.

Cheap Garage Door Handle Refresh | Style & the Suburbs

Installation was very easy since you just stick them on and have to try to get them straight and aligned! I think it looks so cute though and I’m really happy with the little garage door update!


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