Kitchen Remodel Update

One of the biggest benefits that drew me to purchasing my countertops at the Home Depot was that they professionally measure the space for you. At some of the other retailers, you have to measure yourself and they send you a plastic template that you lay out to confirm. Although you can confirm with the template, there is still a lot of liability if it doesn’t fit right!

They were able to schedule my appointment to measure less than a week after I purchased my counters. I appreciated that they went through all of the details again—the style, the edge type, anywhere that I needed rounded corners, etc. With such a large investment, it is better to be extra safe than sorry!

We also had to plan out where the seam would land in the large section of my kitchen. They can only fabricate up to 120” and my counters are longer than that. We also had to work around the fact that my counters create an L. Because they fabricate the materials in rectangles, you end up paying for the entire rectangle, even for the cutout part of the “L”. So it made the most sense to plan the seam closer to the L side so I didn’t end up paying for wasted square footage. We also planned the seam where it could be well supported, which ended up being in the middle of 2 drawers so it could rest on the supported beam. We also are going to sneak in a little extra support in this area to make sure the seam lands in a good place.

I assumed the contractor would show up with a tape measure and take a few measurements, but it was a much more complex process. After laying out where the seam, sink, and appliances sit, she started putting these little dotted tape strips all over the countertop area. She explained that they use a digital measuring system to triangulate all of the measurements so that the counters will be made exactly to my space. If the wall isn’t perfectly straight or smooth, they can adjust the counters to fit. I think that it is so nice they put so much attention to detail to make sure they are a perfect fit!

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I had to have my new sink present for when they measured, so I ended up choosing a composite granite sink. The composite granite is a really strong material and doesn’t make the clanging noise that metal sinks make. I also like the clean, matte look. I went with a light gray because I thought that color would look great with my marble look counters. I decided to install the sink as a drop in, instead of an undermount. I know undermount is the trendy look now and what people normally do with quartz counters, but I don’t like how they look. To me it looks too unfinished along the edge. And it’s my kitchen, so I get to choose what I’m happy with! I also needed the faucet present for when they measured, but I had bought it a while back and ended up having to install it in my current sink because the faucet randomly broke one day!

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We also decided that now is probably the best time to try to remove the dishwasher that I don’t use. We are going to try to rebuild the cupboards to match the originals instead of having an ugly dishwasher there. Since we are going to refinish the rest of the cupboards, we can try to match it in as best we can. I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress!

Next step is to schedule the installation date for the counters. As excited as I am for it, I am going to push it out a little knowing how much work we have left to do with the cupboards and removal of the old counters.

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