How I Saved Over $500 On My Fall Wardrobe Updates

Every time the season changes, I feel like I end up staring at my closet thinking that I have nothing to wear. Over the years, I’ve gotten smarter about my wardrobe and shopping smart to get great deals on clothes, so now I can be a little more purposeful in shopping for each new season.

After following my closet organization guide steps. I identified a few new things that I needed, as well as reminding myself of a few things I didn’t need. I thought it would be fun to share my closet updates to see what you all think!

Earlier this summer, I scored a great deal on a really pretty wool coat from J. Crew. It was originally $168 and I got it for $60 when their sale had an additional discount. I put it away for the summer and was excited to remember I have a gorgeous new coat for when the weather gets chilly!

Image via J Crew

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know how much I love finding beautiful clothes on a budget! I’m usually on the lookout for deals on sweaters all year round, since they are so basic and versatile. I found this gorgeous wool J. Crew sweater for $22 on clearance this summer too!

Image via J Crew

Since I’m about that sweater life all fall and winter, I also picked up this classic cable knit sweater from Abercrombie for $17 on clearance.

Image via Abercrombie

I’ve been wearing the life out of my favorite pair of distressed jeans, so I had my eye out for a new pair. When buying the above sweater I stumbled upon this pair for $39 and Abercrombie now gives free shipping with denim purchases, so it saved me from paying shipping on the order!

Image via Abercrombie

The other way I often save on clothes is through loyalty programs. I recently got a $25 off any purchase coupon code from Madewell, and used it to buy a new leather phone case (with a free monogram for members), as well as this pretty scarf that was on clearance. With the coupon, free monogram, and free shipping, I ended up paying $11 for the entire order. I told you guys, I’m good at this!

Image via Madewell

I also got this cute little pair of flats off of Poshmark for only $10. I thought they would work well for the fall as well as next spring.

Image via J Crew

Last winter, I splurged and got myself a pair of Sorel wedge booties that I wore almost every single day, and I’ve had my eye out on Poshmark for another pair now that I know I would get my use out of them. They’re a pricier boot, but they are waterproof and have a nice grip on them, which means I can walk to work without having to bring a change of shoes! I ended up finding a brand new pair of really fun ones for 1/3 the retail price. I’m literally so excited to wear them!

Image via Sorel

So now you have my shopping secrets to updating your wardrobe without breaking the bank! I ended up saving $581 off retail for these items which is over 70% off, and they were things I really wanted and didn’t have to settle for from the sale rack. The key is to know what you really need (or just really want) and to keep your eye out for these items, especially in off-peak seasons. Happy shopping!


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