What I’m Loving: Old Fashioned Furniture

I have a soft spot in my heart for antique furniture. Back in the day, it was made so beautifully with quality materials, and it was made to last forever. Now days, a lot of furniture is made to be disposable and just doesn’t have the same beauty. I try to incorporate antique furniture into my home where I can– I refinished my great grandfather’s mahogany dresser, and it’s one of my favorite pieces in my home.

Instead of trying to paint old furniture to make it “modern”, I love refinishing the wood (or leaving aged as-is) to embrace the true beauty of the piece. Antique pieces can be the inspiration for the whole room, or mixed with newer items for a modern look– its all in the styling! Keep scrolling for some of my favorite takes on beautiful antique pieces.

Image via The Crows Nest
Image via Midnight Poem


Image via Jenna Sue Design Instagram
Image via Amber Interiors
Image via Cabin & Cottage

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