What You Need to Know When Purchasing Quartz Countertops

Last weekend I was excited to finally order my quartz countertops for my kitchen remodel project. I have been waiting for a good sale and for the free time to be able to tackle the project. Since I had the countertops already picked out and planned, it was a pretty easy process. I thought I’d share how the process went and my advice if you are planning to purchase counters in the future.

After researching a few options, I decided upon the quartz material. It is more expensive than granite, but I wanted a marble-look white color which can’t be achieved in natural stone granite. It is also a stronger material, more low maintenance, and doesn’t need to be resealed like granite does. I love the look of real marble, but it has the same issue of being porous natural stone which means it can easily be stained. Since this is a really big investment for me, I wanted something that will last long term.

What You Need to Know When Purchasing Quartz Countertops | Style & the Suburbs

I researched a few different options for purchasing the counters– most places sell the counters but then you have to find your own contractor to install. Since we can do all of the removal of the old counter and install the new sink, it was hard to find a contractor who would be willing to do only the job of installing. I also was nervous about the potential risk of who is liable if the counters were damaged during installation. I’ve heard more than enough horror stories and wanted to make sure I was covered!

The Home Depot only sells their counters as installed, but they let you decide if you want to pay more for removal of the old counter, sink installation, etc. I  liked that they have their own installers and handle the entire process. They also send their contractors to professionally measure as a part of the purchase price. They ask you to have your sink, faucet, and any accessories on site to they can ensure everything will work. Another amazing perk is that in the state of Minnesota, you don’t pay sales tax on the purchase since it is a home improvement service, whereas if you purchased the counters on their own, it would have a 7% sales tax. In the end, the Home Depot ended up being cheaper installed than just the material alone at competitors!

When I ordered the counters, I had to have an estimate of the square footage and how much finished edge there would be. I mapped out my kitchen and used the Home Depot’s online tool to estimate. For the finished edge, I like the look of a simple bullnose, instead of a decorative edge. The countertop is only 3/4″ thick, but they have an option of a thicker bullnose around the edge that sits the entire counter higher on your cupboards (giving the illusion of it being thicker). It was the same price for either, so I chose the thicker-look option. There are a variety of different decorative edges available, but it cost more to add them. For my kitchen, I like the look of a simple, clean edge.

What You Need to Know When Purchasing Quartz Countertops | Style & the SuburbsWhat You Need to Know When Purchasing Quartz Countertops | Style & the Suburbs

I also had to know at the time of purchase if I wanted any special corners on the counters. Since my kitchen is tight in the entryway, I had to pay an extra $40 to have one corner rounded off so it doesn’t have a sharp corner sticking out.

I had already decided on a simple subway tile backsplash (which I already purchased), so I didn’t need to make any additional decisions or purchases for that. I am happy that I brought home swatches of the countertops a few months ago that helped me know what the color would look like in my room. By the time the counter went on sale and I purchased it, I wasn’t second guessing my choice at all. I really recommend getting swatches to take home before you purchase so you don’t have an unpleasant surprise when it arrives!

What You Need to Know When Purchasing Quartz Countertops | Style & the Suburbs

I am now waiting for my appointment to have my kitchen professionally measured. I do still need to purchase a new sink, so that is on my to-do list for this weekend! I am thinking of doing a gray colored granite sink which will look really sleek against the light counters. I will update you when I make my decision!

Have you ever purchased new counters? How did the process go for you?

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