DIY Art Projects to Awaken Your Creative Side

There are a lot of DIY art projects out there that usually end up as a #pinterestfail or just look so basic you can’t actually display it in your home (aka everything I’ve ever made at one of those paint and wine classes). I’ve rounded up some of my favorite DIY projects that are semi-fail proof and will give you actually cool art that you can be proud to show off.

I love this idea of applying paint to a tree stump and making a print off of it. Bummer there isn’t a tutorial linked to it, but it seems pretty straightforward!

Image via Pinterest

I also love the idea of making stamps out of every day objects like fruit, leaves, or twine like this cool stamp. These would be really fun for making you own cards or stationary.

Image via Architecture Art Design

I have made tassels and pom-poms before as gifts and decorative items and they are surprisingly super easy to make and have them turn out looking really nice. Here is a really good DIY from Brit + Co with lots of great tassel-decorating ideas!

Image via Brit + Co

DIY pom poms are also a really cool way to make a high-end looking wall hanging like this one from Craft Gossip.

Image via Craftgossip

I am not a huge fan of DIY canvas art because if you aren’t an actual artist, I feel like it starts to look really bad, really fast. If you want to make your own painting, I love keeping it super simple or very abstract to have a less-crafted look.

This super zen painting would be really easy to create on your own without a high level of skill. I also love that its framed to add a high-end look.

Image via Pinterest

This print from The People’s Prints is another pretty yet simple layout that would be easy to DIY without a lot of artistic talent.

Image via The People’s Prints

Now that you have your creative side inspired, I’d love to see your favorite DIY art projects! Link in the comments below!


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