Ikea Hack: Stone Topped End Tables

I’ve written before about my Ikea hack end tables, but I thought it was worth updating the post! I’ve had these cheapie end tables for years and wanted to refresh them without a big investment. I thought maybe I could find some type of hardwood flooring that I could cover over the tops and went to look at my local home improvement store.

While I was there, I came across some large slate tiles in the clearance section that were only $2 each. I wasn’t sure if they would fit on the table, but I have a tile saw at home and figured I could cut them to fit. When I got home and tried them out, they ended up fitting perfect as-is! The tiles are heavy enough that I didn’t even need to add adhesive to keep them in place.

Ikea Hack DIY Stone End Tables | Style & the Suburbs

I love how this $4 upgrade completely refreshed tables that I would have otherwise thrown away! They are also super easy to wipe down and don’t get stained from a water glass or anything.

To copy this hack, I would recommend measuring your table so that you know the exact size before going to shop for tile. I would also recommend looking for a heavy tile that will stay in place, otherwise it could slide around or fall off.

Ikea Hack DIY Stone Top End Tables | Style & the Suburbsikea 2

Do you have any ikea hacks? Share them in the comments below!

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