Rent the Runway: July Shipment

For my second month of Rent the Runway, I wanted to refresh my summer wardrobe with pretty dresses and skirts for work. I felt more prepared this order, because I was able to shop all month and “like” items that I was interested in renting instead of being in a panic trying to sort through everything to get my order.

I again found it frustrating that there isn’t a lot of availability of a lot of the items. Of my likes, about half were available in my size. I’m always looking for 1-2 skirts and 2-3 dresses in a variety of formal and fun looks, so it’s actually pretty difficult when the ones you really wanted aren’t available and you have to try to find backups. As I said in my first month review, I’m also really only interested in renting designer items that are worth the money– if I want to wear a $40 free people dress, I’ll just go buy it!

I ended up returning my June shipment a few days early, and was happy to see Rent the Runway let me pick new items and sent them on their way before the official one month date. I was assuming they would make me wait until the next month started, so I was happy to get them early!

I ended up getting a pretty floral Erin Featherston skirt that felt really fun for summer, along with a cute collar-detail dress from her as well.

Erin Fetherston Skirt
Erin Fetherston Dress

For a more casual look, I found this gorgeous yellow Kate Spade midi-dress. I ordered it the same day Duchess Meghan showed up to an event in a similar yellow color. So on trend!

Kate Spade Midi Dress

Finally, my “splurge” item was this pretty day dress by Badgley Mischka. I was so happy this was available in my size because its so perfect for summer, and being able to wear designer pieces like this is why I even do rent the runway!

Badgley Mischka Day Dress

I enjoyed wearing all of the pieces, but I again questioned if it’s really worth the cost to rent. By the time you get the shipment, you really only have a 2 1/2 week window to wear the items before you have to send them back to get them back in time. This left me wearing things just once which seems not worth it. I plan to cancel after this month and spend the money on things I could actually keep instead!

32Rent the Runway: July Shipment | Style & the Suburbs


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