Pretty Vintage-Inspired Livingroom

My favorite room in my house is my living room. It gets the prettiest morning sunlight from the east that spills across the room. It’s also one of the rooms in my house with the biggest transformation after we installed the vintage hardwood floors.

Pretty Vintage-Inspired Livingroom Style | Style & the Suburbs

My decor style is a mix of vintage pieces and new finds. I actually don’t use the room often (which is why my pillows remain perfectly chopped and the table neatly set). I love that everything in the room has a story— the vintage lamp was my grandmas. My sheepskin throw was gifted to me by a friend when I first got my house and wanted one so bad (I know they’re like not cool anymore but I still love it). My dad helped me make the rustic flag above the fireplace with pieces from my mom’s garden trellace (it accidentally ‘broke’ of course!).

Pretty Vintage-Inspired Livingroom Style | Style & the Suburbs141D5078-9CDA-4074-8300-7C2F203D81EDC0110A0C-7BF7-4612-B365-29AB281DD83E

I love the big windows and coved ceiling details and how ~fancy~ they make the room feel. This is the last remaining room in my house with popcorn texture on the ceiling and I still plan on tackling that project this winter. I also love the detail in the built in cabinet that I use to store my great-grandma’s China dinnerware.

40EECD74-EC2A-43E5-A719-9B50C7F0B05DWhen I first bought my house, I literally had no furniture and the poor room was so empty! Over the years, I’ve added prices that feel right to the space. As always, I feel like it’s best to stay true to the decor style of the home and make it your own which is why I worked so hard blending vintage floors into the existing floor and mouldings in the house.

The room was designed with only one small light near the dining table. It has a pretty floral pattern eteched into the glass and I love it too much to change it out. Except, the glass is so frosted the light barely comes through it, so my entire living room is basically worthless at night since you can’t see anything. The things I do for style!

In the daylight, it’s my favorite room to sip a cup of coffee and enjoy quiet mornings. 817BCCE4-05D1-4F53-8AC0-370FAF47918B

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