Rent the Runway Monthly Subscription Review

A few months ago, I saw someone post about using the monthly subscription service from Rent the Runway and was curious about it. I really love designer clothes and fun fashion, but lately I’ve found myself buying fashion pieces, wearing them once or twice, then selling on Poshmark.

The monthly subscription from Rent the Runway lets you pick out 4 items and you get to keep them for a month, then you send back and get to pick 4 more. The first month was $70, but it is $89 a month after. My thought was that for what I would normally spend on things that I wear a few times, I could rent for the same price, so I wanted to give it a try.

I was a little bummed you had to pay before you could look at the clothes, because I would have liked to decide on the items before committing. When shopping, I actually wasn’t super impressed with the assortment. I work in a business casual office, and most of the items were either too dressy or too casual. There were also a range of designers– some more high end than others. I felt like in order to get my money’s worth, I steered towards more of the higher end pieces.

There were also some size limitations– a lot of the styles that I liked wasn’t currently available in my size so I had to say no to a couple of items that I loved. My other concern of knowing the size and fit of the designers I was selecting. There is a risk of getting something that doesn’t fit and being unable to wear it.

I ended up picking 2 skirts that I could pair with more casual tops for work, and 2 more work appropriate dresses. I was really hoping to find a pretty summer maxi dress, but none of the options had straps or a top that covered my shoulders enough for work.

Mara Hoffman Poppy Skirt
Equipment Jungle Shade Dress
Kate Spade Gingham Circle Skirt
Opening Ceremony Stripe Dress

Once I received my shipment, I was a little nervous about wearing the items. They have insurance if you stain or slightly damage an item, but if you totally ruin it, you have to pay for it. I’ve never actually ruined clothing at work, so I don’t know why I was so paranoid about it, but it would be nice if they fully insured the items so you didn’t have to worry about being liable for a $500 dress.

The clothes were beautiful and nice to cycle into my wardrobe for the month. I didn’t think that I would get much use out of them, but I ended up wearing most things more than once.

I love fashion and dressing up, and buy clothes as a way to treat myself for how hard I work. It is also a good way to try a silhouette or style that you wouldn’t normally wear. I had been eying a similar style of the gingham skirt for a while, but didn’t know if I would wear it enough to be worth it. I know that is probably not going to be trendy long term, so it was nice to be able to try it!

Overall, it was fun to wear beautiful clothes that I normally couldn’t afford, and I ended up subscribing for another month. I also think their one-time rental service for formal dresses is a great deal and I plan to use that in the future. You can get designer dresses for a 3 day period for as low as $20 which is way less than you could spend on a special occasion outfit that you would wear once.

If you are curious and would like to try Rent the Runway, you can get $30 off your first order with this link!

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