8 Ways to Afford Your Dream Wardrobe on a Budget

I’ve always been in love with clothing and fashion, but I’ve also always been really budget conscious. My parents taught me no matter how much money you make, you want to keep as much of it in your own pocket instead of giving it to someone else. Since I love shopping and deal hunting, I thought I would share with you some of my best secrets for getting an amazing wardrobe without breaking the bank.

8 Ways to Afford Your Dream Wardrobe on a Budget | Style & the Suburbs


  1. Only shop sale. Whether online or in store, I don’t even look at the full priced merchandise. Retail markups are so high because they know they will eventually put things on clearance. Going straight to the sale section keeps me from falling in love with things that aren’t discounted.
  2. Shop off season. When you shop sale sections, you’ll often find a lot of the previous season’s items at deep discounts. In the summer, I’m on the hunt for deals on sweaters and boots that I put away until fall, and in the fall, I’m looking for pretty dresses that I’ll use the following summer. I also try to keep my style more classic and less trend-based. People always compliment my collection of beautiful winter coats and I spent no more than $30 on any of them!
  3. Stack savings. I often fill my shopping bag online, but then wait a few days (to see if I really want the items) and to see if any additional discounts pop up. Stores like J Crew, Abercrombie, Banana Republic, and Madewell, and Nike run an extra discount on sale about once a month.
  4. Don’t get sucked into the deal. This is a mistake that I still make sometimes… when you see a really good deal, sometimes it’s hard to pass up even if you aren’t 100% sure on the item. If I am unsure, I wait 24 hours and then decide if I still want the item. Most of the time, I will decide that I didn’t really want it. If I do want it, and it ends up sold out, I just find something else somewhere else. It’s better to miss a deal and spend a little more on a style you will wear than to get a deal and never wear something!
  5. Consider alterations. I often look at sizing a little bigger than my size knowing that most clothing can be tailored to fit. Tailoring isn’t cheap, but if you love something and get it at a great deal, it can often be altered to fit like a glove.
  6. Join loyalty clubs. Most retailers send an extra promo code if you sign up for their emails (and then just unsubscribe or send it to a junk folder if you don’t want the daily emails). Some have really great free loyalty clubs that give extra rewards or even giftcards for your birthday. Madewell’s loyalty program is free and gives you free shipping, free monograms, and a $25 coupon on your birthday!
  7. Shop different. I’ve found a lot of great deals on designer digs on apps like Poshmark and Rent the Runway. Rent the Runway sells their rentals after they are done with them for up to 75% off. On Poshmark, you can bid on other people’s items and sometimes they’ll accept offers for significantly less than the price is listed. I’ve also tried renting items from Rent the Runway instead of buying but had mixed reviews since you had to give the items back.
  8. Make money on your closet. After I get sick of wearing something, I sell it on Poshmark and earn money that I can buy something new with!

So now you know my secrets to looking like a million bucks without spending it! Happy deal hunting!

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