Simple, Cheap Home Style Hacks to Copy Now

A lot of people are intimidated by decorating their space because they don’t feel like they have the means to completely refresh a room. Furniture, decor, rugs are all expensive and a huge investment, especially to buy all at once. There are a lot of easy ways to embrace your current space and make it look and feel intentionally designed without breaking the bank.

See my favorite simple and inexpensive style hacks below:

  1. Embrace the beauty of vintage. Vintage furniture is high quality, solid wood that can be refinished, stained, and painted. If you can’t afford all new furniture, or you love the quality of older pieces, its really easy to incorporate vintage  pieces into your decor. I love mixing wood tones with bright white and more modern pieces to look intentional.
Image via Pinterest
Image via Design Sponge


2. Soften with layers of textiles. An easy way to do this is to add a basket with throws and toss pillows layered inside of it. The basket can be found or bought and is an inexpensive way to make your space look more decorated.

Image via Poor Little It Girl


3.  Tall greens. Even if you space isn’t huge, you can create an elevated feeling by using large scale vases and greens. You can use a taller vase and branches as your centerpiece, on a mantle, or on an end table. They don’t have to feel contained by where they are set– let them be the center of attention!

Image via Maison de Cinq
Image via BHG


4. Oversized artwork. Similar to oversized greens, artwork doesn’t have to be small either. Look for art that is almost the size of your couch or bed to make the room look designed and carry the eye up. You can also buy an inexpensive blank canvas at a craft store and make your own.

Image via Pinterest
Image via Both Sides Guy

With these simple style tips, your space can look polished and elevated, regardless of how much you’ve spent on it!


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