5 Tips for Setting a Simple Stylish Table

My dining table is one of my favorite parts of my house. Its located next to really big windows that get the most beautiful morning sunlight that makes the table glow. I love updating it with new settings and pretty flowers all summer. Here are my tips for keeping your table setting easy and simple, yet perfectly styled:

5 Tips For Setting a Simple, Stylish Table | Style & the Suburbs

Keep it Simple: I try to keep to one statement item in my setting, like a patterned runner or placemats, festive napkins, or multi-colored dessert plates. I make the statement item pop by surrounding it with simple white plates or linens.

5 Tips for Setting a Simple, Stylish Table | Style & the Suburbs

Don’t Over-Set: I was going to make this post about the proper way to set a table but does anyone actually do that? I always keep my table set with decorative plates and napkins, but when setting for a meal, I just add in silverware and a real plate. I think an un-cluttered table looks a lot nicer than one that is overdone.

Keep the Table Decorated: Like I noted above, I always have a vase, some plates, and a linen on my table. I love making it look picture perfect, and that helps keep the table from becoming a home office or catch-all spot!

Understated Centerpieces: You don’t have to have a 5 foot tall floral arrangement on your table to make it look finished. I really love a simple mason jar with a few stems or a collection of vases with different heights. I’m also not big on lots of decor or seasonal things on my table (think ceramic bunnies). Sorry bunnies.


Invest in Fabric Napkins: Fabric napkins are a really inexpensive way to make your table and meals feel fancy. I know it seems fussy, but you can seriously wash them with Oxy Clean and they’ll look brand new! My grandma alway used fabric napkins and it just makes you feel like you are slowing down and creating a dining experience. It’s also a really cheap and easy way to change out the feel of your table each season, since a set of 4 is like $10 at Target.

Following these steps will help you have a pretty table all year round that is easy to refresh with each season.

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