My Easy, Healthy Skin Makeup Routine

Although I always try to look my best, I haven’t always been a big makeup person. I’m the kind of person that wants to be healthy from the inside and just highlight my best features. Unfortunately, I’ve also had terrible skin most of my life and have tried a lot of makeup to cover up breakouts, but also not cause more! After a lot of trial and error, I’ve found a really good group of products that allows me to look like naturally me, but just better.


First things first, I am crazy about keeping my skin healthy. I go to a dermatologist regularly for products and treatment for my acne. I know people mean well, but I personally hate when people offer their two-cents on acne treatments– yes I’ve tried that cleanser, no it’s not my diet, yes I drink water. If you suffer from acne, I will not recommend any product because the best solution is to visit a professional doctor who can give you the best treatment. But I will tell you to always keep your skin healthy by starting with sunscreen. I use SPF 50 every day. Health first!

Easy, Healthy Skin Makeup Routine | Style & the Suburbs


Here are my favorite products that I use to look and feel my best:


Bareskin Liquid Foundation: This stuff covers amazing but doesn’t cake up or look like I’m wearing heavy foundation. It’s pretty runny, which means a little goes a long way so the bottle lasts about 6 months for me. It also has SPF which I am all about. I use bare natural 07.

Original Bare Minerals Loose Powder: This works well in combo with the liquid foundation. I would say it doesn’t cover as amazing as the infomercials claim, but it does a pretty good job on its own if I want a really natural look. I use a really fine amount just to set in my liquid foundation most days. I use light beige 09.

Highlight & Contouring: 

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil: I first received this as a sample and thought it was silly, because I don’t want my face to look shinier than it already is most days. But then I started adding it to my tear ducts and cheek bones and it’s so subtle that it gives me a little glow, but not where my face looks shiny or overly made up. I use it most days to highlight my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose.

Bare Pro Powder Foundation: I just use a darker shade of pressed powder for my contouring. I don’t like bronzers because they normally have a little shine in them. This bare pro foundation blends really well but has enough pigment to give a contour. I use nutmeg 24.


Clinique High Impact Mascara: My naturally long eyelashes are one of my favorite features, and I like to play them up with my mascara. I like to use a lot of mascara, but I’ve found that Clinique High Impact Mascara does the best job of lengthening and adding thickness without getting clumpy. I don’t know if its how much mascara I use, or the length of my lashes but I literally hate all other mascaras and I feel like they tangle my lashes or make them stick together. I have used this for years and have never found anything I like as much!

Bare Minerals Lash Domination Liquid Eyeliner: I do a pretty dramatic wing on my eyes most days, and I need an eyeliner that stays put. I’ve found most eyeliners rub off or leave a print on my eyelids. I recently had to find a new liner after mine was discontinued, but I am in love with Bare Minerals Lash Domination liner. This stuff does not go anywhere– even after running or crying in the closet at work. Eyeliner still looks flawless! I prepare the pen by drawing a little line on my hand to make sure the product is ready, and the line even stays on my hand all day. My only complaint is that it only lasts for a month or two before I run out.

Eye shadow: Eye shadow is the part of my routine that I really don’t care a lot about. I usually just use neturals and like a palette of  a few colors to blend together. I start with a neutral base across the eye, then add a hit of darker to the outside crease of my eye, then go in with a lighter shimmer for my tear ducts. I do like the Smashbox Eyeshadow Trios because they give me exactly what I need and I don’t end up not using half of it like other eyeshadow palettes.


Neutrogena under eye concealer: I should use this more often, but its an added step so I only add it in when I want to look extra nice, or if I’m especially tired. I have really sensitive skin around my eyes and this doesn’t burn or irritate my skin. I add it after my liquid foundation and use the brush applicator to blend in, so I’m not pulling on my eyes with my fingers. Like everything I use, its not heavy or cakey.

Clinique brow mousse: My eyebrows are naturally really full and I took time to grow them out without plucking for a few months last year, so I don’t need a ton of product. I like the Clinique brow mousse because it has just a little bit of pigment but the little brush gets everything in the right place and holds it there! I highly recommend if you are looking for a light and easy product.


I occasionally wear fun lip colors as a pop, but I don’t really have a favorite. When I tried out to be an NFL cheerleader, the team color was from LipSense which is supposed to be super long lasting. It is, but its so permanent it sort of weirded me out. Most days I opt for a light gloss or tinted chap stick that is easier to maintain throughout the day.

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That’s it– so simple right? Do you use any of the same products? What are your favorite makeup products?

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