6 Empowering Morning Rituals

Mornings are a great time to set the tone for your day to be productive and enjoyable. I tend to be an early bird, and feel like I accomplish the most at work bright and early. If mornings are a little rough for you, here are some of my best morning rituals to start the day off on the right foot:

  1. Hydrate: I’m so guilty of drinking 3 cups of coffee in the morning and then realizing at lunch time that I haven’t had a sip of water all day. Yikes! When I make my morning coffee, I fill a glass of water and make sure to drink water along with my coffee. This also helps me drink less than 3 cups of coffee which is probably better too.
  2. Eat Breakfast: I wake up so hungry each morning, so I don’t know how you non-breakfast eaters even make it to 9am. Your body needs energy, so fuel it! Set yourself up for success by planning ahead and having packable options ready. I also find that making myself a (somewhat) fancy breakfast feels so much better than just downing a granola bar as I run out the door. I actually wait to get to work to make toast or have some yogurt with fruit along with fresh coffee. It feels nice to actually enjoy taking a moment to eat a meal!
  3. Make Your Bed: The world is divided by bed makers and non bed-makers. Even if it causes me to be 2 minutes late to work, I just feel better about coming home to a made bed. I think making your bed helps you have a routine and respect your space and home.
  4. Stay Off Social: My terrible habit is waking up and checking instagram and twitter first thing in the morning. Sometimes seeing the news or some blogger who has better outfits than you can set a bad tone for your day. Instead, I try to wake up and throw on some music and go on with my day.
  5. Work It Out: I am not an every day morning workout person, since I go to work early and work out in the afternoons, but some mornings I wake up early feeling rested and just get a 30 min workout in and feel so accomplished all day. When I get into peak marathon training, I do my runs early in the morning and it is the most zen and still time of the day. Try an early workout and see how it makes you feel!
  6. Stop Rushing: Nothing starts your day worse than running around trying to find a matching sock, packing your bag, and knowing you’ll be late. Plan ahead as much as you can when it comes to outfits and food. Wake up 20 minutes earlier so you have the time to accomplish what you need so your mindset for the day doesn’t have to be rushed.


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