What I’m Loving: Kitchen Wall Color Inspo

I’ve recently talked about my big kitchen remodel, but one of the smaller tasks is changing out my wall color. Right now, it is a retro mint green color, which I actually really love. But, I feel like my house started to become a hodge podge of colors between each room after I did my first round of painting after purchasing my house.

As I’ve done overhauls in each room, I’ve been toning down the color a little bit. I actually stuck close to my original palette, but just found a grayer, softer version of each color that refreshes and ties everything together more. My advice when painting a room is that the color is always going to be double as bold as you think it will be, so maybe take a step down from what you think you’ll like.


I think the retro green fits my kitchen really well, and will work with the new counters and floors, but it is a little much, so I’ve been looking for a softer version to aim for. I’ve found some really pretty gray-greens that I think would look really pretty. Some even have a little bit of a blue cast. I do need to watch because my living room and hallway are a bluish gray, so I don’t want those colors to look bad next to each other.

What do you guys think of these?

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest
Image via Coco Kelley


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