8 Easy Packable Healthy Snacks

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know I try to live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I’ve found that a good diet and daily exercise makes me feel so much better mentally and physically, but I also try hard to keep a balance so that I’m not obsessed with what I eat and the calories I burn.

Because I run 25-30 miles during an average week, I have to replace quite a few calories in my diet and it is difficult to add in snacks that are both filling and fuel your body, without spending lots of time preparing them each night. I like to keep packable snacks on hand to keep my energy up throughout the day and to keep me from grabbing a donut or cookie floating around the office.

Here are my favorite healthy snack ideas that are easy to prep and to keep on hand during a busy day:

1. No-prep fruit: like clementines and bananas. No washing. No packing. Just eating!
2. Mini Lara bars: made of simple ingredients and only 90-100 calories a bar. They give me a lot of energy and are filling for being a mini-sized bar. These are perfect for a mid morning snack between breakfast and lunch.
3. Boiled eggs: I make up a bunch at the beginning of the week for a breakfast, snack, or lunch add on. Eggs are full of protein and leave you full for longer than carb based snacks.

8 Healthy Easy Packable Snacks | Style & the Suburbs
4. Homemade trail mix: I make my own mix of nuts, fruit, and granola so I can control the ingredients and calories.
5. Natural PB cups: Because I’m literally too lazy to pack my own peanut butter. These are actually not that expensive and are easier to pack for eating with pretzels or fruit.

8 Healthy Easy Packable Snacks | Style & the Suburbs
6. Annie’s organic bunny crackers. Okay these probably aren’t all that good for you, but they are perfect for my sweet tooth cravings! They do make ones in individual packs to help control portion sizes so you don’t end up eating half the box at once.

8 Healthy Easy Packable Snacks | Style & the Suburbs

7. Mini hummus cups: these are the same story as the peanut butter cups. They are perfect to have on hand for dipping veggies or to make a thrown together sandwich at work!
8. Cheese sticks: I go for mini baby bell cheese or low fat mozzarella. These are also great with a side of fruit or veggies.

If you didn’t notice, a lot of these are perfect snacks to combine with one another or pick a few to make a bistro box lunch. Ideally I would save some money by preparing more of my own portions, but you gotta do what you gotta do! I’ve found by spending a little more each week at the grocery store, I’ve cut back a lot of spending on extras at the coffee shop or cafe. I’m also not starving by lunch time or dinner time, so it’s easier to stick with healthy choices and proper portions instead of just eating whatever I can get my hands on.

Do you have any go-to healthy snack ideas? Happy packing and snacking!

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