What I Learned from Trying Out to Be an NFL Cheerleader

**Warning this post is a personal one! So if you’re just here for the home remodel DIYs you can skip ahead. But I’d love for you to stay! 🙂

I shared with you all a few months ago that my new years resolution this year was to just do things. I’m the type of person that always talks myself out of trying something new and I feel like that’s kept me from going after the things I really want to do in life.

One of those things that has always been on my “what if” list was trying out to be an NFL cheerleader. I had no idea of my potential and haven’t danced in years, but why not try? I took the leap and signed up for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders prep classes and tryouts. There was no going back!

What I Learned Trying Out as an NFL Cheerleader | Style & the Suburbs


Although terrifying and completely out of my comfort zone, I actually enjoyed the prep classes. We were taught great tips about how being healthy and fit is important both inside and out and that confidence really radiates from the voice inside yourself. I also learned that my pale Minnesotan skin looks really good with fake tanner. (Bonus tip: I liked this product sold at Target over a professional spray tan!).

I also quickly realized I was in over my head with the dance choreography, and here I was trying to dance in front of 50 of some of the most talented dancers in the state. Yikes! But I also used the opportunity to work on my confidence. So what I forgot half the routine– I held my head up and kept a smile on my face and didn’t run for the bathroom and hide until it was over (although I did consider it).

I had a lot of preconceived notions about what the other girls trying out would be like, but I couldn’t believe how kind everyone was. Everyone was there to help each other be their best self and this is such a great lesson for everyday life. We all bring our own talents and abilities and should celebrate that with one another instead of being competitive over who has the best body, car, job, home, whatever.

Being a perfectionist, I spent a lot of time practicing for tryout day. I practiced my introduction, I studied my football notes, I worked out like a crazy person, and got 2 spray tans to be bronzed and ready. By tryout day, I was actually really excited to share myself to the judges. Although nervous, I walked into the first round with confidence.

What I Learned from Trying Out to be an NFL Cheerleader | Style & the Suburbs

“My name is Jennifer, I am from Minneapolis. I am a designer for a living and a fun fact about me is that I have 4 design patents. In my spare time, I love running and ran my first full marathon last year. This year I hope to achieve my goal of beating my marathon time and reaching my goal of becoming a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader”. 

SO GOOD, right? I didn’t fumble my words, I didn’t trip, I even remembered to smile. Fewf! It was on to prep for the next round with dancing, because that’s where I knew I had to step it up. Then it came time for cuts before the second round. If you heard your number, you made it through.

My number wasn’t called.

I was one of two girls who got cut that round. I was stunned. Sad. Angry. I felt dumb for trying. I don’t know what I did wrong, and I still don’t know what I did wrong. Was it how I looked? Was I too stiff? Too serious? Did they not like my costume? After going down a spiral of insecurity, I received so many kind comments from my friends and random followers on social media. Everyone reminded me that I am who I am, and if I wasn’t right for them, it wasn’t right for me.

Since then, I have refocused on my running goals for the year, and I am thankful to now have all my free time to dedicate to running instead of spray tanning. That stuff smelled weird anyways. And looking back to my original goal of just trying things, I accomplished just that.

What I Learned from Trying Out to be an NFL Cheerleader | Style & the Suburbs

Have you ever gone after something and failed? What did you learn from the experience?

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