Kitchen Remodel Update

I’ve made a lot of progress the past few weeks on my kitchen remodel plan. I’ve gotten estimates from a few contractors and made a decision on where I will purchase my counters and who will install them. What was most important to me was to find someone who would let me do the parts of the work that I can (removing the old counters, installing the new sink), which freed up money to spend on materials. Some people were not willing to work that way, but there’s no way I’m paying someone $200 to put a sink in!

Now, it’s up to just deciding what color I want to commit to. I had always envisioned a white ground with gray marble, but now gray ground with white marble is catching my eye. I’m also waiting to watch sale prices to make sure I am getting the best deal possible (you guys know how I live for saving money!).

Kitchen Remodel Update | Style & the Suburbs

Another (less scary) decision that I need to make is which color runner I want for the kitchen. I am looking for a pop color, but its hard to envision without the new counters and floor. I got a great deal on these rugs from Target, so I might just hang onto both until I can see it all together. I secretly love the hot pink, but it might be a little much in the kitchen. I also think I’m going to soften the wall color so it will be a more grayed light green, which could make the blue option fit better.

Kitchen Remodel Update |  Style & the Suburbs

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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