What I’m Loving: Porch Remodel Inspiration

One of the future projects on my home-remodel bucket list is to redo my porch. The porch sits on the back of my house in a nice little enclosed room with windows that can be opened. Its not heated or air conditioned, and the door locks only from the inside, so I’ve mostly used it as a catchall entry room.

When I first moved in, I installed new indoor/outdoor carpet and added DIY curtain rods and curtains to freshen it up. Over time, the carpet has moved around and the space has become sort of a junk catchall of where shoes and furniture goes to die (also where spare construction material is stored). Because I don’t have a good entry room in my house, I want to turn this into a more practical mudroom.


Image via Jamie Rose Interiors
Image via Home Decor Designs
Image via Scout and Nimble Instagram


The plans for this project are: 

-Rip up the carpet (there are 2 layers)

-Install tile on the floor

-Build a cabinet, coat hooks, and a bench with storage along the wall, paint entire area slate gray

-Install a working light fixture

The wood wall actually works great as a base for an awesome entry storage area and having a tile floor will be much easier to clean than carpet. I want to keep the ceiling as the pine boards as is, because I really like the rustic look, but the wall is really stained and worn so it will look better with a coat of paint. I also love the look of all white entry areas, but that seems like a maintenance headache for an area designed to get dirty.


As always, I will keep you updated as the transformation happens!




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