How to Style a Simple Pretty Bedroom

I believe its really important to create a peaceful and calming bedroom as a place to recharge after sometimes chaotic days. Its hard not to let a bedroom become a catch all room where you just close the door when guests come over but with these tips, you can create your own zen space in your home.

How to Style a Simple Pretty Bedroom | Style & the Suburbs

Keep it minimal. 

Its a lot easier to style and maintain a bedroom that isn’t full of clutter. If possible, leave your bedroom to be a bedroom. Not a home office. Not a closet. Not a storage space! I also like keeping decor to a minimum. You don’t need to decorate every inch of space in the room for it to be impactful.

Ground in white. 

Using white creates a lighter and more airy space. I especially like white for window panels to let the natural light shine through. I use the same sheer panels in every room of my house. White furniture and accents are also easy to match to and build a palette around.

How to Style a Simple Pretty Bedroom | Style & the Suburbs

Keep wall colors soft and in a satin finish. 

I’ve written before about the importance of color in a room and how difficult it can be to pick the right wall color. My advice is always to go to the lightest version of the color you like. It will always read way darker and more saturated once the paint is on the wall, which will make the room feel smaller. I also prefer satin paint finish for bedrooms because it gives the perfect level of sheen without being too shiny. You can see the level of color in both my guest bedroom and my master bedroom is a very similar level of intensity– slightly gray, lightly saturated colors that frame the room without being distracting.

Splurge on bedding. 

You will notice such a difference once you invest in quality bedding. It can be pricey, but look for 100% cotton sheets and duvet covers that have a soft handfeel. Don’t shop based on thread count, because that is not an accurate way to gauge a fabric quality. Look at fiber content and how soft it is. I also love linen bedding because of the smooth and cool nature of the fiber. Don’t worry about marketed brand names and really focus on the fabrics. Since this can be a little more costly, I stick to whites and neutrals for my bedding as well.

How to Style a Simple Pretty Bedroom | Style & the Suburbs

Bring interest in decor accents. 

After creating a soft environment with furniture and wall colors, you can bring interest to the room through smaller accent pieces like framed art, vases, and decorative pillows. These are the lowest cost part of a room, and can easily be changed out to change up the look of the room. I love buying twin sized blankets or quilts to lay across my bed as a way to refresh it without buying a new duvet cover. I’ve also found that buying pillow covers is a cheaper way to change out the look of decorative pillows. I personally go a little overboard when it comes to decorative pillows, but I love building layers to make a styled look.

When you keep your decor minimal, a little also goes a long way. I love the mini wreath above the bed in my guest bedroom because its so simple and pretty. A simple vase or colorful lamp on a side table is more than enough to make a room look decorated (and you can hide your phone charger behind it!).

How to Style a Simple Pretty Bedroom | Style & the Suburbs

Keep it up.

After creating your beautiful new bedroom, you have to vow to keep it clutter free (even if this means shoving all your clothes in the closet before you leave for work). I also take time every morning to make my bed. I ask myself why I do it almost every day, but it really takes about 90 seconds and helps me feel more put together when I come home at the end of the day. Try to make it a habit and see how you feel.

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