Kitchen Remodel Plan

Next on my list of remodel goals is my kitchen. This has been pretty far back on the list due to it being so expensive! My thought on this has been to save up for what I really want so that I only have to do it once, so I have begun the process of assessing wants and the costs of them.

My kitchen today:


Finding a Vintage Inspired Mid-Century Light Fixture | Style & the SuburbsMy plans for updating it are:

Sand down and refinish my cupboards. My cupboards are beautiful solid birch and are in really good condition for being built in 1950. The original homeowner was mad that some of the doors had seams in them and would come back to haunt me if I didn’t finish them correctly. This is a project that dad and I can do on our own, so it will probably be one of the first steps we do.

Cupboard goals:

Image via Ikea

New countertops. I have narrowed the style to a white and gray marble look quartz with a white subway tile back splash. It will keep with the retro feel of my kitchen but bring a nice update since my countertops are also original to the house. The blessing of my kitchen is that it is really spacious and has a lot of counter space. The downside is that this will be a costly update– about $3,500. That’s why I’m saving y’all! I will want the counters installed by a pro, but we will do the backsplash ourselves which will hopefully save money.

Countertop goals:

Image via Decor Pad

New floors and heating system. I still haven’t decided what flooring I want for the kitchen. I feel strongly about keeping the aesthetic of a house, so I don’t want the floors to look like I pulled them out of a 2018 house and stuck them in mine. I was hoping there would be some cool retro floor underneath my current one, but all we found was about 5 layers of linoleum. I’m hoping to find some sort of pretty decorative tile that has a little retro feel to it, but I don’t want it to be too specific or distracting either. I also plan to add an underfloor electric heating system through the basement that will heat the floor from below. This is a little pricey too, but can also be done by me and dad. It can also be added whenever since the basement ceiling beneath my kitchen is not finished.

Floor Goals:

Image via Show Your Vote















Since we already removed the popcorn texture off the ceiling and added a new light fixture, its mostly focusing on the cupboards and floors for now. I plan to kick off the project this summer so we can do the sanding outside, and I can’t wait to share progress updates with you all!

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