What I’m Loving: Summer Yard Goals

Its the time of winter in Minnesota where I start to stop believing that it will ever be summer again. After this long winter, I can’t wait to start spring planting and planning my patio decor. Last year I styled my patio with some amazing Tommy Bahama outdoor fabric and I want to build upon the tropical theme with my patio this year. Here’s the inspiration that I’m loving right now:

The mustard yellow velvet along with the green plants is amazing. I love the retro vibes!

Image via SF Girl

This patio is simple yet really impactful. Not sure if the plants would survive in Minnesota, but the layout and design of different heights is great inspiration.

Image via Sunset.com

This setting is more simple but another great layout idea. Nothing looks more **fancy** than perfectly arranged plants!

Image via Deavita

If perfectly arranged plants aren’t your thing, there is always perfectly arranged potted plants!

Image via Verdigris Vie

This post has me ready to check out the garden center and start picking out plants! How about you?

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