Spring Decor Refresh

Spring Decor Refresh | Style & Suburbs

Post-holiday is always the worst time of year when it comes to home decor. Its a little hard to decorate for spring when it is still below 0 outside. I’ve had a little bit of a rough January personally, and this year I was just over winter and ready to dive into spring.

It felt so good putting away all of the Christmas decorations and bringing out bright colors and spring decor. I also love how open an airy my living room feels once I get all of the holiday clutter out of it. For the fireplace, I bring in a lot of fake flowers and greenery. I really need to try harder with live plants, but I always kill them.. its terrible. This spring, I brought in a butterfly print and pretty pastel beetle pillow for a hint of spring color.


For my table, I changed from winter greenery to light pink silk stems. I used a really neutral table runner and linens for winter so I was able to keep those the same for now. I’m already looking forward to the day that I can add real flowers from my gardens to the table!


For now, the updates are enough of a change to get out of a winter funk and feel refreshed. I don’t really get into valentines or easter decorations, so this will be my update until I start to bring in more summer trends.

How do you decorate this time of year? Were you as excited as me to take down the Christmas decorations?


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