The Best Wardrobe Basics: Winter Edition

As someone who really likes to shop, I try out lots of clothing form different stores. Some of it is great, and some of it I return right away! I know a lot of people are thinking about minimal wardrobes right now, so I wanted to share my favorite basics that will last, and you’ll find yourself reaching for day after day.

Leggings that Look Like Dress Pants: J Crew Factory Gigi Pant $39.50

Image via J. Crew Factory

I am all about wearing leggings in every situation possible, but these are the perfect thick ponte pant that looks like a dress pant. I even have the fancy J Crew version, but those are a little too thick and I actually like the J Crew Factory option better.


Sleek and Comfy Jeans: Abercrombie Super Skinny Jeans $49

I am also all about jeans that are as comfortable as possible, but still look great with any top and shoes. I’ve said this before, but I LOVE abercrombie & fitch jeans. They have great stretch jeans that do not sag out during the day. I know a lot of people swear by Madewell jeans, but I’m going to say it: they stretch out and aren’t that great. Seriously, try these.

Image via Abercrombie


Functional and Cute Winter Boots: Sorel Lea Wedge $200

I know– they are so expensive but I live in Minnesota and its miserable and freezing 6 months out of the year. I used to wear leather boots and booties all winter, but they always got destroyed on the wet and salty sidewalks and I would have to keep replacing them. These Sorel boots are warm and waterproof and are the most comfortable boot that I own– they don’t even need to be broken in. Wearing them every day makes it worth the price tag to me! (I’ve even shoveled snow in them!).

Image via Sorel


Every Day Sweater: J Crew Factory Teddy Sweater $27

Another basic that I love from J. Crew Factory is their Cotton/Wool Teddy Sweater. It has a soft fabric with the perfect amount of stretch. You also can hand wash them at home so you can skip the dry cleaner.

Image via J Crew Factory

Simple Scarf: J Crew Cozy Ribbed Snood $19.50– on sale!

I have a couple of these scarves and find myself always throwing one on in the winter. They aren’t as annoying to wear as the big blanket scarves that are trendy right now, but still add a cute layer to an outfit. They are also less than $20 on sale right now! Time to stock up for next year.

Image via J Crew

One you have these wardrobe basics, its super easy to build from there with a few more fashion pieces each year. Do you have any basics that you always go back to?

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