Guest Bedroom Remodel

As I mentioned before, the next room on my great popcorn ceiling texture removal project is the guest bedroom. Since removing the popcorn involves painting the ceiling and touching up the walls, I’ve decided to also update the entire room.

My guest bedroom serves as both a guest bedroom, extended closet, and a home office. Right now, the furniture and decor is sort of pieced together. I love the shabby chic vibe for the bed and amazing vintage night stand, but I just have a cheapie book case for shoe storage and a kitchen table with a cheapie chair as a desk.

Guest Bedroom Remodel | Style & the Suburbs
Before (or during since I forgot to take a “before” picture!)
The guest bed & night stand that I love!

My plan for refreshing the room includes:

  1. Finish removing popcorn, paint the ceiling, replace the light fixture (I’ve already purchased a matching vintage-inspired light fixture to match my master bedroom).
  2. Paint the walls a new color. Right now it is a bright blue, and I would like to make it a little more sophisticated. I’ve swatched a few duller blue options and I’m still deciding which color I like best. If you didn’t read  my post about picking the best paint color for a room, check it out here to see more of my process.

    New Color Options
  3. Update my bookcase for storing shoes. I would like to paint this white and add a crown moulding to the top to make it look nicer and match other furniture in the room.
  4. Update the decor and artwork. I’m not loving the hodge-podge decor in the room— I have everything from my college degree to newspaper clippings on the wall. I would love to declutter and update to a few statement decor items.
  5.  Organize. I honestly don’t use the room or my desk very much, so I would like to spend some time organizing and making it more functional. Hopefully this will help remove clutter from other parts of my house.

Since I love looking on pinterest for new ideas, here are a few inspiration images for the room:

Image Via Popsugar
Image Via The Crux Design

Looking forward to sharing the “after” post with you all!

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