Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a little remodel for my bedroom. I’m so excited to finally share the reveal with y’all! The goal of my house projects is always to keep the integrity of when my house was built– which means keeping the vintage elements wherever I can, or bringing in vintage inspired pieces. I then layer in newer decor to bring it all together.

My new light fixture matches Grandma’s vintage mirror perfectly!

The biggest part of the project was scraping popcorn texture off the ceilings, then giving the ceilings and walls a new coat of paint. I wasn’t in love with the paint color I originally chose for my walls, as it read a lot more yellow than I had hoped. After trying out so many different colors in swatches on the wall, I finally found a color that I was happy with. It has the perfect matte finish and a soft hue that I was hoping for.

Scraping popcorn and sanding the ceiling. Hi Dad!
Bedroom Makeover Reveal | Style & the Suburbs
New paint color vs. old paint color– SO much better!


The ceiling looked great under the popcorn texture, and just needed a quick coat of bright white paint. I also installed the new light fixture which I’m absolutely in love with! It was only $50 and looks a lot more high end than what I paid!


I love my new upholstered bed, and finished off the update with some bright white bedding. Because my house was built in the 1950 when everything was just smaller, I love bringing in as much white as possible to make everything seem brighter and more open.

Feminine Pink Bedroom Reveal | Style & the SuburbsFeminine Soft Pink Bedroom Makeover | Style & the Suburbs2CF577B5-3A4D-4787-B6A5-0384AA6909ADCF966688-6F43-4FC7-A474-74C4BE486C56

I’ve already been asked “whats next!?” and I think the next room I want to work on is my second bedroom / office / closet room. I’m still not sure exactly what I would like to do with it, but I’m starting to think! 🙂


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