Home Project Updates

I’ve been busy working on my next home project, which has been scraping the popcorn texture off the ceilings in my house. Its always a messy project, but we try to use as much plastic as possible to cover every surface and just throw it away after. If you are interested in how this is done, the full tutorial is located here!

Home Project Updates | Style & the Suburbs

The hallway ceiling ended up needing a little bit of patching, which meant patching with drywall repair, sanding, and repeating until the ceiling was smooth. The plaster under the popcorn is otherwise in great condition and only needs a coat of paint to make it a bright white.

After the hallway, we moved on to my bedroom. I’ve been wanting to redo the room for a while now– with plans to scrape the ceiling, paint the walls, and update my bed and light fixture. We finished the bedroom ceiling in record time (I’m just excited to set up the new furniture and was so sick of the mess in my  house!). The bedroom ceiling was also in perfect condition, so now we’re moving on to painting the walls and ceiling.

Home Project Updates | Style & the SuburbsIMG_0249

I’ve already purchased my new bed and light fixtures, and plan on a dusty pink for the walls. My house has some of the original light fixtures, but some were replaced with cheap new ones that just don’t fit the house, so I’m always excited to find vintage-inspired lighting that fits the rest of the house. I can’t wait to share how it comes together.

Image via Target.com

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