Photo Series: A Foggy Sunrise

As winter hits in Minnesota, I’ve struggled with getting my outdoor runs in— especially long runs! The sunrise is so much later now than it is in the summer, so it’s not as easy to get out for a run before work. I was looking through photos from some of my favorite early morning runs from this summer, and found a few from a beautiful morning with crazy high humidity that caused a heavy fog. It was actually hard to run in the high humidity, but I had a good excuse for photo breaks.

I want to print some of these and frame in my house because they’re so calming!

Photo Series: A Foggy Sunrise | Style & the Suburbs5027F3CC-930B-4AEC-873A-F8597CE2A949DB7F49D6-166C-4945-B3D1-22C8CF5BB70650AEC27F-E0B1-4E14-846C-80DED920673630450DEC-D215-495C-999B-22DEA4463DE6

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