Removing Outdoor Carpet from Concrete

Removing Carpet from Concrete | Style & the Suburbs

When I bought my house, there were a few questionable things done to it by the previous owners. One of them was the terrible green outdoor carpet that was glued down to my front and back steps. Who even does that? The carpet was ugly, hard to shovel the snow off of, and just didn’t look right with the rest of the house. I wasn’t sure what the condition of the concrete steps were underneath, but I was willing to fix it if needed.

Of course I waited until the hottest day of the year to start ripping the carpet off, but it may have worked to my benefit because the glue was soft. The carpet was really stuck down, and it was quite a project to rip it off (thank goodness I’m so strong right?).  The good news was that underneath the carpet, the concrete was in really good condition. The bad news was that it was still covered in adhesive.


After trying a pressure washer, carpet adhesive remover, and scraping with a razor balde, I decided to go with the extra strength option called Zinsser adhesive remover. It’s super strong so you need to use gloves, a mask, and long sleeves so you don’t get any on your skin (because it burns). I let the formula sit on the adhesive for 5 minutes and begin to scrape with a razor blade. It made it a lot easier to scrape off the glue and by the end I was just wiping it off with a wire brush.


I did this project last summer, and over the winter the remaining discoloration has worn off. I’m so happy with the result! Can you believe how different it looks now!

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