Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

If your follow my blog, you know how much I love fall. Chilly weather, boots, crunchy leaves, and those amazing pumpkin spice lattes! Can I tell you guys a secret? I order them with only half the pumpkin spice flavor. So shameful (but way less sweet!).

Fall seemed to come in mid August for us in Minnesota this year and I was all for it. I decorated my living room with pumpkins, dried natural fillers, and my favorite cozy plaid throw blanket and little fox pillow. We have a foxes that live in my neighborhood so the pillow is so perfect!

Fall Decorating Ideas | Style & the SuburbsIMG_5612IMG_5593Fall Decorating Ideas | Style & the SuburbsIMG_5616IMG_5575IMG_2719

I decorated the outside of my house with the cheesiest scare crow people ever. I think they’re so cute. Sometimes the wind blows them over and it’s so funnny when they’re fallen down on the front step!

I add mum flowers to replace the dying summer flowers for a little fall color and add layers of pumpkins in different sizes and colors to create interest. I’ve already started putting out some thanksgiving icon decorations because otherwise they’re only out for like a week in November! I think you can be thankful at any time.. right?


How do you get ready for fall?

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