Game Day Essentials

Just a few short weeks until football season kicks off. This year is a big year for my city of Minneapolis because we are hosting the Super Bowl this year! (And we also plan to win it– just throwing that out there). As a fan of both football and fashion, I am here to share my one expertise: what to wear on game day!

The keys to a stylish and fun game day experience are dressing for the elements, remembering comfort, and showing team spirit. I live in Minnesota, so game day temperatures can range from 90 degrees to 20 below (I am proud to say that I attended the 3rd coldest game in NFL history– literally wore a battery operated heater vest!). Now that our stadium is indoors, it makes planning outfits a lot easier.

Game Day Essentials | Style & the Suburbs
The cold never bothered us anyways.

Here are my top essentials for game day:

Comfortable shoes: most stadiums require walking to and from a parking lot and tons of stadium steps to get to your seat. You all know how I love my fancy shoes, but limping back to your car in them is not a good look. And by wearing Nikes, I’m prepared to step in and do kick returns just in case they need me.


Easy layers: since the NFL and most college football stadiums don’t allow any type of purse, I try to add a jacket or vest that has a zip up pocket to keep my phone and wallet. I feel more comfortable putting a jacket down on my seat where I can keep an eye on it, instead of having my wallet or car keys just sitting out in the open.

A unique look: there is a lot of branded team merchandise out there, but I like to find something that won’t match every other person in the stadium. I love these “GAME DAY” and “FOOTBALL ON MY MIND” sweatshirts that are cute and cozy.  (The football on my mind sweatshirt is still available here!)


Team spirit: since I don’t always wear a team branded top, my favorite way to make my loyalty clear is with a team hat.


Wishing you & your team a winning season! Unless you play the Vikings this year, then my apologies in advance. 🙂

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