Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

Bedroom Makeover Inspiration | Style & the Suburbs

My Bedroom “Before”

The next DIY project on my bucket list is to redo my bedroom. After removing the popcorn texture off the ceiling in my kitchen, I want to continue on to the other rooms in my house. I’ve been in the mood to re-paint my bedroom for a while, which would work well to freshen up after redoing the ceilings.

Right now my bedroom is a light peach color, but the lighting causes it to read very yellow cast, which isn’t the most calming for a bedroom. I plan to stay in the light & neutral families, and maybe still add a hint of pink to a brighter white.

My hardwood floors have already been refinished, so other than the ceiling and walls, there aren’t any other major renovations. Small projects will include a new light fixture, and maybe some new closet organization.

I love these all white rooms with natural wood tones and pops of blush and blue. I almost always have all white bedding because it feels more luxurious to me. Check back soon to see the progress on my room!

Bedroom Decor Inspiration | Style & the Suburbs

Image Via Decor Pad


Bedroom Remodel Inspiration | Style & the Suburbs

Image Via Laurel Home

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