Building a Privacy Fence DIY

Building a Privacy Fence DIY | Style & the SuburbsAfter being bullied the last few years by some crabby neighbors, I decided to finally take my yard back and build a privacy fence. I picked 6 foot tall panels that would look nice and do the trick to create more privacy in my yard.

We started the project by finding the property lines. In my city, there are metal pins in each corner of the lot. We easily found one, but it look a lot of measuring to figure out where the other ones were and they ended up being buried almost 18″ underground. You can find your lot dimensions in your tax records (or online) to help guide you as to where the lot lines should be.

After finding the corners of the lot, we ran a string from corner to corner to mark a straight line for the fence to follow. I decided where I wanted to fence to begin, and we dug a hole for the first post.

The posts are pressure treated wood that can have ground contact (meaning the water in the ground wont decay them as fast as normal wood). I buried them 24″ in the ground so that they would line up with the fence panels.

Building a Privacy Fence DIY | Style & the Suburbs

This handy post hole digging tool makes it easy to dig straight down for the post. I made the holes 6″ away from the property line to ensure the fence entirely sits in my yard. Once the post was in, we had to make sure it was perfectly level and then packed it in with dirt. Then it was on to the next post.

Each post had to be perfectly measured to be 8 feet from the previous (to accommodate the 8 foot wide panels) and 6″ from the property line. It was harder than I would’ve thought to get everything square and level!

Building a Privacy Fence DIY | Style & the Suburbs

After the posts were in, it was time to add the fence panels. These too had to be held level before they were screwed onto the posts. Because my yard is at a little bit of a hill, the panels do step up a little, but it’s key to keep them level so they sit straight against one another. Once the fence was up, we added cement around the posts to help secure them in the ground.


It only took 4 people about 3 hours to put the 5 panels up (while my bully neighbors sat on their patio and watched us the entire time.. so weird). I may add onto it some day but it serves its purpose now. I’m already enjoying my more peaceful yard! They say fences make the best neighbors! 🙂


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