Saving Time and Money with Healthy Meal Prep

Saving Time and Money with Healthy Meal Prep | Style & the Suburbs

I received a few questions about my meal prep routine after sharing on Instagram. Before I became a runner I used to eat a lot of not-so-good food during the week, because I was terrible at packing breakfasts and lunches. As I’ve become more focused on my running goals, nutrition has become more important so I spend every Sunday packing my breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for the week.

Meal prepping not only helps me eat healthier, but it saves a lot of money and stress during the week too. All I have to do is wake up and toss my meal in my bag!

Breakfast consists of Greek yogurt and frozen fruit sprinkled with granola. I leave for work at 6am so I just enjoy breakfast once I get to work. One of my more recent goals has been to stop eating sugary yogurt (ugh it’s so good though). I’ve found that adding fruit to the better-for-you options helps sweeten it a little.

Saving Time and Money with Healthy Meal Prep | Style & the Suburbs

Since I am terrible at cooking, my lunches are a grab bag of what I have in my fridge. I try to include a leafy green (hello iron) with a rainbow of fruits and veggies with some balsamic or olive oil on top. Sometimes I add an egg, quinoa, or whole grain pasta, depending on how I feel that week. I’m a vegetarian so I also bring hummus to have with crackers or veggies for a little protein-filled snack.

As I’ve increased my running workouts, I’m almost constantly hungry. To help add back calories, I pack a variety of snacks and try to keep them real food and healthy– I love almond butter with whole grain crackers and home made trial mix with nuts and dried fruit. I also bake up a batch of Greek yogurt muffins (sometimes it’s from scratch, mostly it’s from a box!) to have as a mid morning snack. I’m pretty sure that my coworkers think that I never stop eating.

Saving Time and Money with Healthy Meal Prep | Style & the Suburbs

I try not to become too obsessive about what I eat, but try to make right choices where I can. My meal prep normally takes an hour on Sundays, but saves so much time (and money) during the week.

Do you have any meal prep routines (or goals!)?!

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