Building a Storage Shed

Fair warning– I’m not about to tell you guys how to build a shed because this project was a little beyond me (thank goodness for dads!). But, hopefully this may provide a little spring project inspiration for you all.

Building a Storage Shed DIY | Style and the Suburbs


My shed project started with cutting down an old dog kennel that was in my yard when I bought my house. The concrete slab was the perfect foundation for a shed and would have cost more to remove. We created a cement curbing around the slab to make a level base to keep the wood walls off of the ground, which prevents the wood from rotting as easy. Next we built walls and added trusses for the roof (easy right?). Next was shingling the roof and adding windows and trim details.

Mixing Cement–Just Like A Cake!
Building a Storage Shed DIY | Style and the Suburbs
3 Walls Up
4 Walls and Trusses

I added barn doors with trim details and a cement slab in front to make it easy to get things in and out of the shed. I matched the trim and paint color to my house so its a perfect mini-version. The project was finished off with dismantling the old shed and adding landscaping around the building. The shed wasn’t complete without adding some DIY flower boxes to the front windows– you can read my tutorial for those here!

Building a Storage Shed DIY | Style and the Suburbs
Doors and One Window In
Flower Boxes and Landscaping

Lets be honest, the shed is now filled with lawn mowers and other junk but it at least looks great on the outside!

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