Finding a Vintage-Inspired Kitchen Light Fixture

Finding a Vintage Inspired Mid-Century Light Fixture | Style & the Suburbs

Since removing the popcorn texture from my kitchen ceiling, I’ve been on the hunt for a new light fixture. I’m trying to return my kitchen to a 1950’s Mid-Century look, so I really wanted a vintage or vintage inspired piece. I’m sad that many of the vintage light fixtures were removed (ahhhem stolen..) from the house by the previous owners before I got it. The few original lights left are beautiful and just so perfect for the house.

I tried my best to hunt down an authentic vintage light fixture, but everything I found was too decorative, too large for the space, or too expensive for my budget. I needed to keep the fixture under 12″ high since its in the middle of my kitchen ceiling so a lot of the awesome pendants I found wouldn’t work either.

Images via Schoolhouse Electric, Target, Pottery Barn

After a month of hunting for the perfect light, I came across a good sale and a few good options at West Elm.

The finalists were:

Trough Glass Flushmount via West Elm
Ripple Glass Flushmount via West Elm

I liked the style of both options, but I mocked them up to see how they would look in my kitchen. If you’re ever trying to decide on new fixtures, colors, or furniture, photoshop or another editing program is a great way to see how things would look in your home.

I love the updated look of the Trough Glass and that the silver finished matched my kitchen, but I felt that it looked a little modern and industrial. My stance on interior design is that looks should be authentic to the era the home was built or else everything starts to look like a hodge-podge of style decades. Because then 10 years later, someone has to spend their weekends scraping your style mistakes off the ceiling. 🙂

The Ripple Glass also had a silver finish to match my kitchen and I felt like it was a much better fit for the vintage style of my kitchen. The curved lines match the decorative doorways of my kitchen as well as the amazing vintage vent fan. I feel like it could almost pass as original. I also ended up getting a great deal and I’m so happy with how it fits my kitchen! Also low key very proud of not dropping the glass part when installing…


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